Kingdom Chaser

Last night (January 4th 2019) during Overland Mission’s One Tribe Conference something Dr. Leon said brought to mind “Kingdom Chasers” the title of my husbands website.

What are we chasers of?

Are we Kingdom Chasers or are we “me” chasers?

Are we Kingdom Chasers or are we “in the world chasers?”

We are saved by Grace through Faith but is your Faith temperature? Are you daily seeking His Word and meditating on what you are reading? Are you daily in prayer – prayers thanksgiving, praise and prayer for the concerns of our family, friends, leaders, nation? Last night Dr. Leon talked about “obedience.” This could be an offensive word for some but think about it. Are you obedient to God’s calling on your life, the words He is speaking to you and the plan He is setting forth for you?

God has been requiring a specific task of me over the past year and I have received it with “lukewarm” enthusiasm and participation and yes hesitation as it takes me out of my comfort zone.

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