We were invited to a meal at the home of our friends Roy and Stacy Jarrold. They live 6 months in England (where Roy is from) and 6 months in the USA (where Stacy is from). While in the USA they often travel to see family and explore the USA so spending time with them is so precious! Stacy surprised us with a totally vegetarian/vegan meal. The preparation and thoughtfulness that went into this meal was truly a blessing! This was Stacy’s first stab at a vegetarian/vegan meal and she nailed it! Actually it was one of the best meals I’ve had and one I will recreate!!!!!

Stacy prepared a menu of cauliflower steaks with a kale salad and side dish of dilled sweet potato/cauliflower. I brought along an apple/pear/raisin crumble. Below is the best re-creation of the recipes and as usual ~ use your creative side in cooking ~ make it your own!

STACY’s CAULIFLOWER STEAKS ~ Stacy cut thick slices of cauliflower, brushed them with olive oil and seasoned with Montreal Seasoning. She also cooked a few smaller slices and used remaining florets in the sweet potato dish. Cauliflower Steaks can be grilled or baked them in the oven. Stacy chose to cook them in the oven, turning them over once. When almost done the cauliflower steaks were broiled on both sides until they reached that caramelized appearance. Just before serving Stacy added cheese (if vegan you can leave out or use a nondairy cheese) and broiled briefly. Her recipe called for topping options of marinara sauce or guacamole both of which she had available on the table. I tried the guacamole on mine and that was so tasty I had to forego the marinara sauce. These were so delicious and filling! I cannot wait to have them again.

STACY’S DILLED SWEET POTATO and CAULIFLOWER SIDE DISH ~ This recipe calls for sweet potato, cauliflower, pomegranate seeds, green pepper and dill. Stacy lightly roasted the sweet potato and cauliflower and then chilled in the refrigerator. Just before serving she added dill and the pomegranate seeds. The recipe also called for diced green pepper. Before adding the green pepper, we tasted the salad with the green pepper and decided the green pepper was too overpowering so we left them on the side. This dish was also amazing and worthy of recreating. For me I would substitute dried cranberries as I always have them on hand. The pomegranate seeds were tasty but I’m not sure of the texture….

Can this be one of those “every occasion” recipes for – Yes!! Can this be one of those easy recipes while traveling – Yes!! As we soon begin a two week trip to the Adirondacks I will have cauliflower and the always traveling with us sweet potatoes. Being able to make this outside on the grill will be simple. As for the Kale Salad – one of my favorites – I can always add prepared salad kit to the meal. Buon Appetito!

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  1. This looks like such a fantastic spread! Delicious!


  2. lovely!

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