2020 Adventures Despite COVID

I do believe we have been very fortunate to have dodged COVID – amid scares of exposure. My heart hurts for those who lost loved ones and could not be with family and friends during this time.

We chose a different path of working and traveling the USA. Being stationary in Utah was a blessing ! After our job was over we traveled through Arizona, SE Nevada, SE Cali, NM, Texas, Oklahoma’s, Missouri up into Indiana (to get our motor home fixed), into Michigan to camp with friends and back down to NC, SC, Virginia until our return to NYS to sell our home.

We visited usual and unusual placed across the US, stayed in all types of campgrounds/peoples driveways. We always kept ourselves safe by wearing masks when needed or asked to, sanitizing and socially distancing.

Being a homebody – wait I know we travel a lot in our motorhome but you can still be a homebody in your RV – I did not mind the constraints of COVID. It was a time of reflection and quiet which I adore. Our stints of roaming and activity were often met with a needed time of just not being out around others or at an event. Being on the road was the best prescription for such an existence of a day of reading, a day of riding around site seeing or a day of more activity like hiking at the Grand Canyon.

I can only speak for me but I do know that you need to make the most of any situation you are in – you can control what you do and how you see it.

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