Reset in the Wilderness

Isaiah 43:9 “See I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.”

From the Chosen Devotional ~ “ He spoke into existence the rocky terrain, deep ravine, barren grades and scant vegetation…..Jesus set opulence aside and surrendered HImself to the blistering desolate landscape.”

“Wilderness serves as a Reset.” How many instances is this seen throughout the Bible of peoples lives being changed, enhanced, blessed through a reset by being in the Wilderness…. a spiritual wilderness, a place of beauty without distractions, a place to reset, rethink and repurpose?

Here I tear up when I think of how blessed we are to spend 5+ months living and working amid all this beauty. All the Glory goes to God for this time. In our little desert town of 162 with hot arid temperatures everyone has been helpful and friendly and I couldn’t ask for a more idyllic time except for missing our dear family and friends. Here in Mormon country we found a Christian Bible Study where the pastor and some of his congregants travel 1.5 hours one way to this area to meet with “a few” once a week…no hoards or masses…just a few. We have met people who will be lifelong friends and the scope of God’s creation has been expanded and expanded and expanded.

When I retired I remember thinking “now what God.” But here in this little oasis with few distractions and great times of reflection, I realized that Gods purpose in my life isn’t a “Tah Dah” purpose and it certainly is not a “look at me,” or “ look at all I do” purpose. It is a refined, humble, show His light and love purpose. It is loving the people you come in contact with even when unloveable, it is maintaining relationships when you are not with those you love because you have been called elsewhere, it his hearing His voice, it is prayer, it is shining in difficult times and being thankful.

Not everyone can have a spiritual wilderness such as this and I thank God for opening these doors for us…its our reset time. But everyone can find their own spiritual wilderness right where they are.

Our time here has not been without trials and difficulty but we stand in faith. I do not see a future of static for us right now so we will continue on this journey and adventure on …..

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